290 Day Twenty-Three: #Podvember17 – Start Your Stopwatch

Lopez and Krista with a Thanksgiving episode for #Podvember17 in which we attempt to stay positively positive! That also leads us to cursing more than normal.  Positivity is hard work but we’ll try anything.  Please enjoy the episode, be safe over the holiday weekend, and follow Krista @parasolstudios and the show @lopezradio

Episode 290 Strategy Guide:

289 Day Twenty-Two: #Podvember17 – Stress Eating

With a guest fallen through, our hero takes to doing a solo podcast in a mobile fashion.  Lopez enjoys a sandwich for lunch and you get treated to the weird things bouncing around in his big head.  Do enjoy and make sure to follow the show on all social media @lopezradio and stop by the dot com for a link to the Patreon for the show as well as links to the articles I discussed on this episode! Big Brown Smooches!

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287 Day Twenty: #Podvember17 – Ian Bain Turns 30

The beers are flowing and Ian Bain celebrates his 30th Birthday! I’m not even sure I can make an abbreviated list of what we talked about on this episode but I do know that it was epic and deserves the Lopez Radio Hall of Fame status.  Please enjoy this candid (and drunk) hang with my Intercontinental Brother and help me celebrate 30 years for Ian Bain.  You can follow Ian on Twitter @IanstBain.

286 Day Nineteen: #Podvember17 – Face Punching Freak Show

Australian Lopez Radio Correspondent Justin Faux returns to the show to talk about good and bad shit talkers in MMA, fighters who throw boomerangs, the upcoming Shanghai UFC card, how USADA has changed the UFC, a little bit about UFC Sydney, as well as some fun stories.  Please enjoy this and give Justin a follow @justinfauxmma on Twitter.

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285 Day Eighteen: #Podvember17 – Jamie Bendall

Jamie Bendall is one of the owners of the famous Punchline comedy club in Atlanta, GA as well as a father, a lawyer, and a comedian.  We chat about constantly being on the move, not missing out on the important moments in life, time management, comedy, and so much more.  This could have easily been a long podcast but we made the most of our available time.  Please enjoy this and make sure to follow Jamie @JamieTheHost on Twtter and @JamieTheLawyer Instagram as well as the Punchline @punchlinecomedy on Twitter and Instagram.

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284 Day Seventeen: #Podvember17 – WLPZ

The music jock returns for a night shift on WLPZ.  Lopez goes back to high school with his music selections, discusses some old concerts, the probability of getting a security system, and is joined later by Krista who tells a story about how there were men who most definitely propositioned her and other waitresses for their used work shoes.  Come wretch with me for an hour or so.

281 Day Fourteen: #Podvember17 – Comedian Liz Miele

Liz Miele joins the show to discuss the eventual death of old mindsets, performing stand-up comedy around the world, visiting Atlanta, the importance of staying persistent to achieve goals, obsessive writing processes,  factors that make for a good or bad show, and so much more.  This was really fun and an honor to host.  Please give Liz a follow on Twitter @lizmiele and check out the links below!

Episode 281 Strategy Guide: