278 Day Eleven: #Podvember17 – Sharp Dressed Psychopaths

Happy Veteran’s Day! The resident Marine of Lopez Radio, Zach White, joins the show to talk about some of his time in the Marines, his latest skirmishes on social media, being a marksman instructor, mentality in an active shooter situation, some random news stories, and more.  I can’t overstate the love I have for this guy and how fun this episode was.  Thank you to all that have served and that are currently serving!

277 #Podvember17 Day Ten – The Warning Tag Theory

Banshee of Banshee Radio joins #Podvember17 to discuss the days news, new allegations against new(ish) entertainers, new allegations against wannabe politicians, the culture of power that has existed under our noses, and more.  Be sure to follow Bashee @Banshee_Radio and check out the links below.

Episode 277 Strategy Guide:

276 Day Nine: #Podvember17 – My Last Name Offends

Lord Fagan rejoins the show for #Podvember17 to talk about Lopez’s first time voting, goings on in Hollywood, honesty in conversations surrounding creeps in the world, Thor: Ragnarok, the direction of Marvel, Stranger Things 2, and a plethora of things for you to watch.  It’s a packed show but a great time.  You can follow Fagan @LordFagan on Twitter.

Episode 276 Strategy Guide:

274 Day Seven: #Podvember17 – Foot and Fist

Founder and editor-in-chief of footandfist.com, Jesse Scheckner joins the Podvember to talk about life changes (for the better!),  dodging bad weather in South Florida, why Jesse decided to start Foot and Fist, the grind of content creation, changes in the political and social climate in the past year, and much more.  This episode was really fun and Jesse has a great and analytical mind.  Please enjoy as well as give Jesse a follow on Twitter @JesseScheckner.  Links to content below:

Episode 274 Strategy Guide:

273 Day Six: #Podvember17 – Challenges Can Be Dumb

Host of the You Can Relate Podcast, Slick Schultz joins Lopez Radio and #Podvember17 to discuss stupid internet challenges that have gone viral, why Lopez HATES milk and will never drink it again, staying positive, acting, Hollywood, and more!  You can follow Slick @SlickSchultz.

Episode 273 Strategy Guide:

272 Day Five: #Podvember17 – #UFC217

Podcast host and MMA journalist Nick Baldwin joins #Podvember17 to recap a crazy #UFC217 Fight Card.  We get into our reactions to a crazy night of fights, where we see the fighters heading next, and the outlook for some of the weight divisions affected by this great card.  You can follow Nick @NickBaldwinMMA and you can check out some of his great content from the links below.

Episode 272 Strategy Guide:

271 Day Four: #Podvember17 PoKnowsJack

My old friend Poteet joins me for day four of #podvember17 to discuss whether it’s okay to still enjoy movies that Kevin Spacey is in, the crumbling portions of Hollywood, our obsession with documentaries, opioids, and more.  You can follow Poteet @PoKnowsJack on Twitter (even though he doesn’t really use it) and you can follow the show @lopezradio. Let’s charge on with #Podvember17! Links below.

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