300 Fanboy Exhaustion

We’ve made it.  300 episodes and not much has changed.  A lot older, a little wiser.  One of the Lopez Radio OG’s, Lord Fagan is back to talk about Star Wars, video games, streaming, movies, the top Google searches of 2017, and more.  It’s the Season of Consumption! Join Us!  Also you can follow the show on social media @lopezradio and check out the Patreon at the top of lopezradio.com! Thanks for all the love for 300 episodes.  You guys are the best!

Episode 300 Strategy Guide:

299 Snow, Booze, and Food

In what was supposed to be our first in person podcast, Shawn Arnold joins the show via Skype again, due to weather.  It was still fun! We warm ourselves on this cold night with a little booze and proceed to discuss food, booze, holiday traditions, and, of course, the state of the interwebs and all them things.  It was a fun and long podcast but do enjoy it.  Follow Shawn @ShawnATL on Twitter as well as check out his podcast, the TMI Podcast on tmipod.com!

297 Day Thirty: #Podvember17 – Hell Broke Loose

Here we are. Day thirty of #Podvember17 has arrived and it ends as it should. With Lopez going solo to thank his guests, talk about what he learned, what he’s looking forward to, where we go from here, also some of the more random thoughts he had today.  It’s been a great time and thank you to all involved.  Would have been impossible without the guests and listeners.  Follow the show @lopezradio on all social media and we’ll see you in December!

296 Day Twenty-Nine: #Podvember17 – Big In Japan

Brad Wharton, good friend of the show, returns to Lopez Radio to talk about traveling in Europe, video games, Sumo wrestling, the conduct of high level athletes and entertainers, and we certainly talked about Justice League and Punisher. You can catch Brad doing play-by-play for Cage Warrior and you can give him a follow @MMABrad48 on Twitter.

Episode 296 Strategy Guide:

294 Day Twenty-Seven: #Podvember17 – Crystal Queen

Author and fellow podcaster Tyler Braddy is finally back on the show to talk about his amped up writing schedule, writing plans for the future, “heroes” in rock n’ roll and entertainment, how the seedy details and scandals that are coming out will change the future, and so much more.  Be sure to give Tyler a follow @blakebraddy on Twitter and check out his books via tblakebraddy.com

Episode 294 Strategy Guide:

292 Day Twenty-Five: #Podvember17 – Just Show Up

Banshee, host of Banshee Radio, is in town and in studio for this 25th day of #Podvember17.  The topics range from VR and the possible future of the technology, then Banshee flips the screipt and asks me about how I got into radio and into the details of my time with the Opie and Anthony show as an intern in New York City.  Anything is possible as long as you show the hell up.  You can follow Banshee @Banshee_Radio on Twitter as well as check out Banshee Radio via iTunes or your favorite podcast app!

Episode 292 Strategy Guide: