272 Day Five: #Podvember17 – #UFC217

Podcast host and MMA journalist Nick Baldwin joins #Podvember17 to recap a crazy #UFC217 Fight Card.  We get into our reactions to a crazy night of fights, where we see the fighters heading next, and the outlook for some of the weight divisions affected by this great card.  You can follow Nick @NickBaldwinMMA and you can check out some of his great content from the links below.

Episode 272 Strategy Guide:

271 Day Four: #Podvember17 PoKnowsJack

My old friend Poteet joins me for day four of #podvember17 to discuss whether it’s okay to still enjoy movies that Kevin Spacey is in, the crumbling portions of Hollywood, our obsession with documentaries, opioids, and more.  You can follow Poteet @PoKnowsJack on Twitter (even though he doesn’t really use it) and you can follow the show @lopezradio. Let’s charge on with #Podvember17! Links below.

Episode 271 Strategy Guide:

268 Day One: #Podvember17

We kick #Podvember17 off with Krista talking about phobias of routines, running 5Ks, how an over abundance of causes make you numb, high school class rings, having your eyes scanned to go to the gym, and more. Looking forward to a new podcast for every day of November in my latest blunder, #Podvember17.  You can follow the show @lopezradio as well as Krista @parasolstudios.  You can support the show via the donate button at the top of lopezradio.com or hit up our Patreon page: patreon.com/lopezradio

267 A Fool’s Errand

A solocast with Lopez as he discusses the arrival of the Fall season, the details surrounding #Podvember17, Lucha Masks, going to see Atlanta United, German food and beer, and much more.  Be sure to follow the show on all social media @lopezradio.  Also, rate review and subscribe to the show on your favorite podcast app in time for #Podvember17 in which Lopez has challenged himself to release an episode of the podcast for all 30 days of November. Much love.

264 Bend The Knee

Shawn Arnold of the TMI Podcast returns to the show to talk about Tom Petty, rock stars, the tragedy in Las Vegas, the national anthem in the NFL, having an argument versus having a conversation, self help and professional help, and we get a special story from Shawn’s past.  It was a really fun episode and I hope that you guys enjoy it.  You can follow Shawn @ShawnATL and you can check out the TMI Podcast on tmipod.com! Cheers and follow @lopezradio to find out when we’ll be recording and streaming on the road, during out New Orleans trip!

263 Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With The Radio

Lopez cracks open a mystery beer and does a quick solo podcast to update folks on what he’s been up to, getting drunk and listening to 90’s era country music, Bella-Dog’s horrible haircut, New goodies in the studio, and more.  Thanks for checking out the show.  Feel free to follow on social media @lopezraido, on all platforms, and if you’re feeling cheeky, donate to the show with the donate link at the top of the page.  Ten dollar donations get some Lopez Radio stickers and a mystery item from the studio.  Kisses, smooches, and ass grabs to you all!