005 Fagan & Krista

Krista and Fagan join me for talks about the destructive life of Justin Bieber, the absurdity of retail’s beloved Black Friday and its effect on family time, lowering the legal drinking age while educating “the children,” apologies from mascots, and politicians who plagiarize.


Jaimie Alexander pic from Thor premiere

Bieber dead eyes and empty soul gif

*Bonus* (Not talked about on the podcast) Bieber passed out after Brazilian Romp

Freddie Falcon apologizes for suicide tweet joke

Rand Paul plagiarizes other people and won’t take the hit

Maryland Attorney General doesn’t report underage drinking and the drinking age debate

The quesiton that ruined Generation Y (via Fagan)


Episode 003 Fagan

The Government is shut down (day 8) and the sky has yet to fall.  Me and the Man discuss Breaking Bad, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Government, and NY Biker Boyz playing a real life game of Grand Theft Auto.  Hit lopezradio.com for links from the show.


Links, “y’all:”

  • Fagan discussed Anna Gun’s editorial about her character Skyler White in the series Breaking Bad and it’s worth a read.  Click
  • DMZ is a Comic about current time United States if it were dealing with another civil war. Click
  • Godzilla is returning to the big screen.  Let’s hope it is free of love stories and P. Diddy songs.  (Warner Bros.  keeps removing the video.  Sorry!)
  • But at least you can see the Teaser for Avengers: Age of  Ultron.  Click
  • Escape From Tomorrow is an interesting independent film that was actually shot under the nose of Disney right in their own theme park.  Looks a little intense.  Click
  • Out of the Furnace has a great cast.  Let’s hope it’s not just Hollywood “trailer voodoo.”  Click
  • Bikers in NY get bold with an SUV driver?  Who do you think was in the wrong?  Click


Episode 002 Tyler

This episode was inspired partially by Louis C.K.’s appearance on Conan where he discussed Smart Phones and the inability to deal with sadness in life.  My guest host is Tyler who also hosts the Horror Bull Podcast (@horrorbullpcast) and the Principled Uncertainty podcast (@pupodcast).  This episode goes to a deep dark place but sometimes that’s necessary.

Podcast links for Episode 2:

  • Horror Bull Website:  One of Tyler’s podcasts, with co-hosts Drew and Bryan, that is a must listen for fans of the horror genre. Subscribe on iTunes or download directly from the site.
  • Principled Uncertainty Podcast:  Tyler, along with MJ and Bernstein, discuss current events, politics, video games, and pretty much whatever they want.
  • Louis C.K. on Conan:  Pretty much the inspiration for this episode and a reminder of how lucky we are to be living in a time where this man is in his prime.

What to Watch:


LopezRadio Episode 001 Fagan

LopezRadio returns to your ears (hopefully) with myself, Lopez, and the great Lord Fagan.  We have a good long conversation and hit on some great topics.  Here are your links for Episode 1:

  • Fagan discussed the underground push for a sequel to 2012’s Dredd and you can get on board with the movement by signing this petition.
  • We all love some graphic novels and new comics, right?  Check out ‘Saga’ on the recommendation of Mr, Fagan.
  • Check out some shots of the cool packaging that the entire Breaking Bad series will be sold you you in by clicking here.
  • This trailer for HBO’s new show ‘True Detective’ will make your crotch tingle.
  • And finally… Bronies are real.  I repeat, Bronies are real!  Take a look into the weird and disturbing world that is grown men that are obsessed with My Little Pony.

Look, you have to appreciate this Silva Situation…


So I decided to wait a week before I reviewed the UFC 162 fight card.  I wanted to sit back and watch the controversy of the main event unfold over the course of the following week.  That and I have a job that currently limits my daytime and waking hours.  The card was excellent and I was very happy with the caliber of fights that took place.  Even the fights that went the distance seemed to remain entertaining throughout.

There were a few stand out fighters that I thought did an exceptional job in their fights.  Cub Swanson had an excellent fight against Dennis Siver who, by the way, looks like an evil Nazi henchman/Hitler’s wet dream.  Edson Barboza DESTROYED Rafaello Oliveira’s legs with kicks that resulted in a TKO.  Gabriel Gonzaga put away Dave Herman in an impressive 17 seconds, though I think that the fight was stopped a little prematurely and that maybe referee Kim Winslow had a bad angle when Herman went to the ground. Mark Munoz looked great in his return to the octagon as well, gaining a decision over Tim Boetsch.  Unfortunately, a fight that I was looking forward to, Roger Gracie and Tim Kennedy, was not as explosive as I thought it would be.  Kennedy proved to be much more prepared for this fight despite a significant height and reach disadvantage.  Kennedy also managed to handle Gracie on the ground with what appeared to be very little problem.  Gracie looked gassed out very early and was dominated for most of the fight, giving Kennedy the decision.

The fight of the night went (rightfully so) to Frankie Edgar and Charles Oliveira.  This was a full out war in which Edgar seemed to constantly have an edge even when he wasn’t exploding with some of the most impressive stand up combinations I’ve witnessed.  I’m a huge fan of Edgar and seeing the fight go to decision put a slight pit in my stomach because of how many close and (some might say) robbed decisions he has received.  This decision was unanimous in the favor of Edgar and he proves that he is still a title worthy contender in his still fairly new position in the featherweight division.  I just want to see this guy finish some fights and really turn up the heat.  He’s very explosive and entertaining to watch.

As the main event was hyping up between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, I was watching all the highlights flash by of Anderson just owning each and every one of his past opponents and couldn’t help but feel a weird vibe in the air.  I literally thought to myself, “what if Silva just decides that he is tired of this and allows himself to be knocked out?”  It wasn’t anything that I expected to actually occur at the moment and was more of a fleeting thought than a serious one.  Both fighters looked great.  It’s hard to not like Silva because he is so damn entertaining and it’s also hard to not like Chris Weidman.  Weidman has been dominating opponents in the UFC with ease since his debut in March of 2011 and has even taken fights with the likes of Demien Maia on just 11 days notice, which is an amazing feat making his weight and all (UFC on Fox 2).   Even after watching this fight  several times, I still wasn’t sure what outcome I wanted or expected.  I just wanted a good fight regardless.  Give me a good three or three and a half rounds of good hard fighting with a clear winner and I’d be happy with either hand raised.  It went almost exactly opposite of that.

Aside:  It is interesting to note here that after this event happened, it was like everyone in the world was a UFC viewer and avid critic.  Nice to meet you all! Shitheads.  Quit relying on ESPN for your sports info and thinking that you’re an expert because you can regurgitate the things that SportsCenter anchors are regurgitating to you.  Can’t wait to see you cheer when/if Silva wins his title back saying, “see? I told you that guy was good.”  Assholes.

Most of us know that Anderson lost the fight while taunting the young Chris Weidman.  I’ve heard plenty of people say that the fight was “thrown” or “Silva took a dive.”  I really don’t believe that.  I feel that, consciously or subconsciously, Anderson Silva wanted to lose.  He’s been the champ for 7 years.  He’s fought and defeated the best in his weight class for 7 years.  He’s had a full plate of press and training and focus for 7 damn years.  I think he got mentally lazy and detached from what he became, the greatest pound for pound fighter we have ever been lucky enough to be alive and witness.  Until someone else holds that belt longer than he did, no one will hold that status.  It’s akin to having a job that you are really good at but not passionate about.  There comes a point where you let things fuck up in order to have something different to do.  I think this was Anderson Silva’s way of letting his work fuck up and giving him something to strive for.  You have to admit that having NOTHING to work toward on a different level can be defeating.  Hell, I’ve capped out the wage for my job title where I work and haven’t had a raise in over 4 years.  Mostly that is my choice but it does wear on a person. What’s the motivation when you are as far as you can get and you turn around to see no one keeping up with you?  Maybe you just sit down and wait for the pack to catch up so you can have something to catch up to.  “Satisfaction is the death of desire,”  as it has been said several times.  Anderson Silva will remain the greatest fighter for possibly our lifetime.

History when it comes to arts, sports, or any form of expression is hilarious to me.  It isn’t fully appreciated until “the good ole days” are behind us and we are looking back on them.  The same goes for when a musician or artist or author dies.  Record sales, art value, copies sold all sky rocket because now those forms of expression have become finite and that source of whatever expression you you so crave has now dried up.  I don’t appreciate that Anderson Silva didn’t take this fight seriously but I do relish the fact that I am living to see him in his prime.  He has made himself a staple in any in-depth MMA conversation.  He grabbed a lot of heat from MMA fans that now act like they always disliked him, which is bullshit.  People just love to see the fall.  They love to see the fall as much as they love to see the recovery.  That possible recovery will take place (tentatively) on December 28, 2013.  The rematch has been set.  Anderson has apologized to his fans (which was cool of him but I still don’t think he owed any of you or myself any of that).  You know that Chris Weidman will never be fully happy with his win until he gets to fight a prepared, non-taunting, Silva.  I know and you can see it in Chris Weidman that he didn’t beat the best Silva.  He was just lucky enough to be the guy in the cage when Silva decided to see what happen if he let go of the wheel and allowed the vehicle to drive itself.


Lynch and Reznor reunite!


We love a good David Lynch movie, correct?  We’ve also binge viewed Twin Peaks on netflix, yes?  If you haven’t you should.  And there’s ultimately no denying your love for Trent Reznor no matter how many times he threatens to leave you forever.  He’ll be back.  He always is.  So there’s no point in even trying to resist the urge to watch the new Nine Inch Nails video for “Came Back Haunted.”  The song, I’m a huge fan of.  Now that there is an accompanying video AND it is directed by the great David Lynch, I’m reconsidering buying those tickets to see NIN when they hit Atlanta this Summer.  These guy collaborated on the movie Lost Highway, of which I was one of the few to see in the theaters at an age that was probably way too young, haha.  I do believe (and this is with zero research done) that the soundtrack may have out sold the movie revenue.  Either way, I was a Manson head at the time and wanted to see my favorite lead singer in a movie (for a whopping few seconds).  Either way, here’s the video and you can just ignore that warning at the beginning.  Even if you do have epilepsy, come on, IT’S LYNCH AND REZNOR.  POWER THROUGH. (via uproxx)


Whatever happened to the good ole’ “Goodbye?”


I read quite a few things on the internet, most of which are pretty harmless, some of which are eye opening, and every now and then you find a good ole’ disturbing story.  The basic break down is that this guy (Jason Hart) is an idiot who thought he could Walter White his way out of a problem and dissolve the body of a girlfriend in a plastic tub of acid after strangling her.

“Let’s just put that in the garage and that’ll just simmer for a few days.”  [heads out to Applebee’s for some poppers and a Bud]

I like Breaking Bad as much as the next guy but when the hell does it become a good idea to do ANYTHING that happens in that show?  Not to mention the ammo you give the asshats that want to blame real world problems on the make believe ones that we love so much.  Not that I’m here to throw out the “violence has nothing to do with music, movies, or video games” argument.  I think we’re all on our own sides with most of these types of arguments.  I personally prefer Coca Cola product because Pepsi is garbage.  It’s all the same shit and you aren’t going to sway someone with any kind of argument.  There’s no one thing you will say to a Southern conservative that will have him saying he loves Obama by the end.


[The victim Regan Jolley and Jason Hart]

Back to the story at hand.  As you dig a little deeper with this story, you see overwhelming evidence that his guy had way more going on than just being an idiot that thought he was his TV Show (though there is a dash of that going on with him).  His wife (yes, you heard that) moved out of his house a while back due to Hart’s increasing drug use, taking their children with her.  Smart move on her part but who knows how much crazy shit those kids have already seen and how that will pop up for them later down the road.  She also noted that he brought back a pretty bad case of PTSD from his deployment in Iraq.  That shit is nothing to mess with and it’s a very sad subject.  Though the media is less likely to focus on something like that when there are pop culture buzz words and references to breaking bad that will hold their audience’s attention which sucks because people suck and have the attention span of my dog.


[my dog, attention span of most]

People kill people in messed up ways all the time.  PTSD is something that I think we will see more and more cases of as out boys return home.  It’s definitely something that we have dealt with as humans for a long time.  If you haven’t seen  War Torn: 1861-2010, you should.  Probably one of the best PTSD documentaries out there and it really forces you to see the reality these guys face.  I’m not excusing what Hart did to that woman.  Just looking at it from a different perspective.  I still think that this story is crazy and funny as ever but I really took a hard look at it when I saw the quote on the PTSD that this guy was suffering from.

My life has had its share of “Breaking Bad” wannabes.  It’s kind of the deal you get when you rent basement rooms out to 19 year olds that have no idea how the real world works and they think that everything is not fair.  Really give me no hope for my own and following generations.  Some of us got to catch that tail end of “have a good work ethic, work for everything you get, and respect others.”  Most of the others got the “well if things don’t work out, you can always come back home and stay with us.”  You need to live your life as if you folks told you that you were on your own and there was nowhere to come back to.  I know that I have that option but I NEVER want to use it and that’s nothing against my folks, just not what I see myself doing.  Having those kids as tenants for the last year or two has opened up my eyes to how much the younger generations feel like they can talk to others as if they are parents that can wield the SWORD OF FAIRNESS.  I swear I haven’t heard “it’s not fair” so much since I was a kid with my brothers growing up.  Something has to happen.  These kids will raise their kids with the same logic.  I also notice a drastic difference in folks I know that were brought up in privilege and those that had the “glad we had a Christmas this year” kids.   Sometimes the Good Ole “Goodbye” and a boot to the ass is what a kid needs.

I know this post was all over the place but I like to wander.  If you read this far.  Thank you and I’m sorry.  Haha.


(stories via UPROXX and Gawker)

…Just don’t call it World War Z


I was/still am very excited about the movie World War Z.  I got so excited, in fact, that I wanted to read through the book before I actually got to see the movie.  The book was enthralling and was really able to pull me in.  Max Brooks did a stellar job of delving into what this our world would likely be like if a zombie apocalypse were to occur in real life.  It almost feels cheesy saying that last sentence.  Almost as if you talked to any random fan of The Walking Dead:

Faux Nerd Guy: “Yeah, maaaan.  That’s what it would be like.  It really puts things into a, like, perspective.” [proceeds to not getting laid]

Brooks just grabs onto more than a landscape and the shoot em’ up aspect of a this type of fictional catastrophe.  He delves into what is taking place globally, politically, and personally with each character.  With a move that almost reminds me (slightly) of George R.R. Martin, each section (or chapter) of the book is told from a different character perspective and is being compiled by one guy who is interviewing these people for an official commission report for the government after all the events have taken place.  I won’t dig too deep into the the actual story but you get a good idea, through flashbacks of what happened.  I will say that what takes place in the book is great and worthy of reading.

The problem that I have with the movie actually being called World War Z is that it’s “solution” at the end actually negates the things that happen in the book.  The movie is essentially a prequel to the book overall and gives you a good live view of “The Great Panic” as it is referred to in the book.  You also get the benefit of a hunky Brad “I-can-do-anything” Pitt.  It falls short in a few places but you can see why, through Hollywood “research” and focus groups, they would change things to hold our shitty American attention spans.  The big one that I kept looking at was the fact that all of the infected are always running and jumping in a very sped up way.  Not so much in the book.  That’s just one example out of a few and I’m not here to point out disparities between the two all day. I just know that if I’m Max Brooks (I’m not), I can’t see being too thrilled about having my great fiction novel attached to what amounts to a completely different movie with clever references to my book.  Call it “Tyler Durden Tricks the Zombies” or anything but World War Z.  I think that a person can see this movie after reading the book and get satisfaction as long as you tell yourself that this is a different experience and a different story altogether (and I’m not going to get to see all the cool weapons and crazy shit that I read about in the book).  Likewise, You can see the movie and then read the book and get just as much satisfaction because it goes deep and is very smart.  I would have definitely voted for the book to be made into an HBO series based on the accounts of these characters in the book with Brooks as the one in charge of the writing.  I would think though that it would end up being more like a show on history or discovery channel seeing that the man gives real lectures about the zombie apocalypse in actuality.

Fun Fact: Max Brooks is the son of comedic genius Mel Brooks.

In short:  The book….Read it.  The movie….See it.


*edit* I read this article about Max Brooks and it gives a pretty good idea of his thoughts on the movie.