015 Happy New Year!

Lopez Radio starts off the New Year with some of the usual suspects: Lopez, Sheets, and Fagan.  We talk about what the new year illusion means, what occurred during the holidays, and an “uplifting” conversation about the broken system we live in!  Of course all the other media goodies we normally talk about are mixed in.  Please enjoy and Happy New Year to our listeners!


Mitch Murder on Spotify (80’s synth pop music) WORTH IT

Kung Fury Kickstarter


Wealth Inequality in America Explained

True Detective Starts Sunday Jan. 12!!!

014 Resolutions Are For Quitters

This is the final episode of 2013 with Fagan.  The big man and I close out the year talking about the Steam sale, the calm after the Duck Dynasty shit storm, conservatives that want kids to work for their free lunches, what we felt were the strong points of the year, and what to look forward to next year.  Merry “Chrimmuh” and Happy New Year, folks!  New episodes in 2014!


Steam SALE!  Merry Games-Mas

Resident Evil mod for Classic Doom

Conservative Jack Kingston wants low income children to work for their free lunch at school

Patton Oswalt Trolls the Internet

Colin Quinn is a troll as well.  Here’s his Twitter.

Giant Bomb/Giant Bombcast/Bombin’ The A.M. with Scoops and the Wolf

New Robocop Trailer

Johnny Depp in Transcendence

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

New Godzilla Teaser Trailer

Cheap Thrills Trailer


013 Teddy Ruxpin and The Gang

Nick from the You Can Relate podcast joins me on the show this time and we discuss the holiday atmosphere of 2013 as well as take a stroll through our Christmas past and go in depth on the toys and games we loved as children.  Stay til the end as we dissect Nick’s online love life and set up a cliff hanger for a podcast that we may do in the new year.  This was a fun episode.  Please enjoy it.


RetroJunk for all the 80’s and 90’s nostalgia you can put your eyes on.

Trailer for Chris Nolan’s new movie Interstellar.

Teaser trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Trailer for Cheap Thrills (Fucked up).

New Godzilla Teaser.

Trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

011 Here Come the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and Krista is back to help me start one of my last few shows of 2013.  Wouldn’t be the holidays without a little discussion on the Christmas crunch and awkward religious fanaticism.  It’s another shorty but a goody.  Be on the look out for a new show with Sheets this coming weekend.


Spot North Hampton’s Clown

The Annoyingly Pandering Viral Family Christmas Card

Duck Dynasty Cast Member In Hot Water With The Gays #jacuzzi

**UPDATE** Duck Dynasty Guy Suspended

010 Extree Extree, Read All About It!

Let me remove my newsies cap and tell you about this episode.  A nice short episode where I sit down with Krista and discuss having your pet stuffed and the stories out of our local newspaper for December 10, 2013.  Remember, we aren’t professionals.  We just like to talk a lot of shit.


Podcasters Community on Google+

Our Local Paper’s website

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Die Hard

20 Things You Didn’t Know about Home Alone

009 Candidly Speaking

Special fourth wall broken episode of Lopez Radio.  Myself, Sheets, and Fagan were discussing some future endeavors for the Lopez Radio group and got into some interesting topics.  We were a little more laid back and going through things at a leisure pace.  The quality may not be tip top but we weren’t actually fully set up for a record session.  Great conversation though.  Enjoy.

008 Game Time with Lopez, Sheets and Fagan

As you may have heard a little in some of the previous episodes of the show, a lot of the Lopez Radio crew loves to play video games and are particularly obsessed with PC gaming through Steam.  I did record a disclaimer that this isn’t a typical episode of LR but I will have a new episode up later this week that is a little more the normal speed.  In this episode Lopez, Sheets, and Fagan talk about PC gaming and how you can game cheaper than normal via Steam and Amazon digital sales.  It’s a must listen if you consider yourself a gamer.



Should I by this game? A Steam Flow Chart

Enhanced Steam Browsing

Hotline Miami Soundtrack

Ducktales: Remastered Trailer

Wanna Build a gaming PC easily?? LOGICAL INCREMENTS!!

Steam Store

Amazon Digital Games Store

007 Tyler From Horror Bull and PU Podcasts

I had a nice sit down with Tyler from the Horror Bull Podcast and Principle Uncertainty Podcast.  Lots of meandering in our conversation that mainly centered around movies and video games.  The ladies’ll LOVE this one…. (Sorry, ladies..)


Horror Bull Podcast!!

Principle Uncertainty Podcast!!

Gone Home Game Trailer

Knock Knock Game Trailer

Hotline Miami Game Trailer

Hotline Miami Soundtrack (Full)

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

Only God Forgives (Netflix)

Bronson starring Tom Hardy (Netflix)

Sound City Documentary Trailer

006 (not 7) Sheets and Fagan

Lopez and Sheets returns!   It’s a glorious reunion between myself, my lifelong radio partner Sheets, and the great Lord Fagan.  We gush a little, talk gaming amongst the buzz of the new consoles, asked what we think our tech thresholds are, and a little bit about butt-sore Atlanta Braves fans.



Papers, Please (a highly recommended game from Fagan and Sheets)

Volgarr the Viking

Elizabeth Warren Schools us (long but good)

For those that read and are interested in more from Warren

60 Minutes apologizes for not being more thorough