010 Extree Extree, Read All About It!

Let me remove my newsies cap and tell you about this episode.  A nice short episode where I sit down with Krista and discuss having your pet stuffed and the stories out of our local newspaper for December 10, 2013.  Remember, we aren’t professionals.  We just like to talk a lot of shit.


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Our Local Paper’s website

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Die Hard

20 Things You Didn’t Know about Home Alone

009 Candidly Speaking

Special fourth wall broken episode of Lopez Radio.  Myself, Sheets, and Fagan were discussing some future endeavors for the Lopez Radio group and got into some interesting topics.  We were a little more laid back and going through things at a leisure pace.  The quality may not be tip top but we weren’t actually fully set up for a record session.  Great conversation though.  Enjoy.

008 Game Time with Lopez, Sheets and Fagan

As you may have heard a little in some of the previous episodes of the show, a lot of the Lopez Radio crew loves to play video games and are particularly obsessed with PC gaming through Steam.  I did record a disclaimer that this isn’t a typical episode of LR but I will have a new episode up later this week that is a little more the normal speed.  In this episode Lopez, Sheets, and Fagan talk about PC gaming and how you can game cheaper than normal via Steam and Amazon digital sales.  It’s a must listen if you consider yourself a gamer.



Should I by this game? A Steam Flow Chart

Enhanced Steam Browsing

Hotline Miami Soundtrack

Ducktales: Remastered Trailer

Wanna Build a gaming PC easily?? LOGICAL INCREMENTS!!

Steam Store

Amazon Digital Games Store

007 Tyler From Horror Bull and PU Podcasts

I had a nice sit down with Tyler from the Horror Bull Podcast and Principle Uncertainty Podcast.  Lots of meandering in our conversation that mainly centered around movies and video games.  The ladies’ll LOVE this one…. (Sorry, ladies..)


Horror Bull Podcast!!

Principle Uncertainty Podcast!!

Gone Home Game Trailer

Knock Knock Game Trailer

Hotline Miami Game Trailer

Hotline Miami Soundtrack (Full)

Orange is the New Black (Netflix)

Only God Forgives (Netflix)

Bronson starring Tom Hardy (Netflix)

Sound City Documentary Trailer

006 (not 7) Sheets and Fagan

Lopez and Sheets returns!   It’s a glorious reunion between myself, my lifelong radio partner Sheets, and the great Lord Fagan.  We gush a little, talk gaming amongst the buzz of the new consoles, asked what we think our tech thresholds are, and a little bit about butt-sore Atlanta Braves fans.



Papers, Please (a highly recommended game from Fagan and Sheets)

Volgarr the Viking

Elizabeth Warren Schools us (long but good)

For those that read and are interested in more from Warren

60 Minutes apologizes for not being more thorough


005 Fagan & Krista

Krista and Fagan join me for talks about the destructive life of Justin Bieber, the absurdity of retail’s beloved Black Friday and its effect on family time, lowering the legal drinking age while educating “the children,” apologies from mascots, and politicians who plagiarize.


Jaimie Alexander pic from Thor premiere

Bieber dead eyes and empty soul gif

*Bonus* (Not talked about on the podcast) Bieber passed out after Brazilian Romp

Freddie Falcon apologizes for suicide tweet joke

Rand Paul plagiarizes other people and won’t take the hit

Maryland Attorney General doesn’t report underage drinking and the drinking age debate

The quesiton that ruined Generation Y (via Fagan)


Episode 003 Fagan

The Government is shut down (day 8) and the sky has yet to fall.  Me and the Man discuss Breaking Bad, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Government, and NY Biker Boyz playing a real life game of Grand Theft Auto.  Hit lopezradio.com for links from the show.


Links, “y’all:”

  • Fagan discussed Anna Gun’s editorial about her character Skyler White in the series Breaking Bad and it’s worth a read.  Click
  • DMZ is a Comic about current time United States if it were dealing with another civil war. Click
  • Godzilla is returning to the big screen.  Let’s hope it is free of love stories and P. Diddy songs.  (Warner Bros.  keeps removing the video.  Sorry!)
  • But at least you can see the Teaser for Avengers: Age of  Ultron.  Click
  • Escape From Tomorrow is an interesting independent film that was actually shot under the nose of Disney right in their own theme park.  Looks a little intense.  Click
  • Out of the Furnace has a great cast.  Let’s hope it’s not just Hollywood “trailer voodoo.”  Click
  • Bikers in NY get bold with an SUV driver?  Who do you think was in the wrong?  Click


Episode 002 Tyler

This episode was inspired partially by Louis C.K.’s appearance on Conan where he discussed Smart Phones and the inability to deal with sadness in life.  My guest host is Tyler who also hosts the Horror Bull Podcast (@horrorbullpcast) and the Principled Uncertainty podcast (@pupodcast).  This episode goes to a deep dark place but sometimes that’s necessary.

Podcast links for Episode 2:

  • Horror Bull Website:  One of Tyler’s podcasts, with co-hosts Drew and Bryan, that is a must listen for fans of the horror genre. Subscribe on iTunes or download directly from the site.
  • Principled Uncertainty Podcast:  Tyler, along with MJ and Bernstein, discuss current events, politics, video games, and pretty much whatever they want.
  • Louis C.K. on Conan:  Pretty much the inspiration for this episode and a reminder of how lucky we are to be living in a time where this man is in his prime.

What to Watch:


LopezRadio Episode 001 Fagan

LopezRadio returns to your ears (hopefully) with myself, Lopez, and the great Lord Fagan.  We have a good long conversation and hit on some great topics.  Here are your links for Episode 1:

  • Fagan discussed the underground push for a sequel to 2012’s Dredd and you can get on board with the movement by signing this petition.
  • We all love some graphic novels and new comics, right?  Check out ‘Saga’ on the recommendation of Mr, Fagan.
  • Check out some shots of the cool packaging that the entire Breaking Bad series will be sold you you in by clicking here.
  • This trailer for HBO’s new show ‘True Detective’ will make your crotch tingle.
  • And finally… Bronies are real.  I repeat, Bronies are real!  Take a look into the weird and disturbing world that is grown men that are obsessed with My Little Pony.