023 Not the Kelly Blazek in the News

Welcome to another Lopez Radio episode with Fagan.  There is some talk of the Oscars and how they don’t really matter, Harold Ramis and how he changed and shaped the way comedy movies are done, the debacle that is Kelly Blazek, as well as the repercussions of internet fame.  Do enjoy this episode!


Second City Tribute to Harold Ramis (RIP, sir)

Amy Adams didn’t get an Academy vote because of her boobies

Super detailed Inforgraphic of True Detective

Kelly Blazek is a moron and got her dick knocked in the dirt

Eric Bogosian’s Talk Radio

022 Lopez and Groves Consulting

Bad ass artist and tattoo extraordinaire, Mike Groves, joins joins the podcast this time around and we discuss our early escapades in the retail world, Mike’s foray into the world of tattooing, his early influences, and his art.  We then proceed to geek out about movies, cartoons, and toys.  This was a fun one.


Poopbird.com (Mike’s official site)

Poopbird Tumblr (See Mike’s art and other things he likes [Potentially NSFW])

Poopbird on Instagram (Yep, his instagram!)

Hot Toys (Mike’s favorite hyper-realistic figures)

Want to get on Mike’s good side and get some tatts? Get him this one.

Some of Mike’s favorite current artists are on creaturebox.com

Alex Pardee is one of his faves as well!

016 Passionate Gestures in a Seedy Bar

Drinking Podcast!  Join myself, Krista, and Fagan as we explore several items that concern our generation with a couple of us slightly under the influence.  We talk about the state of Marijuana legalization across the United States, income inequality and minimum wage, as well as the dangers of safety nets in the creative process.  The number of topics and order of topics may vary.  Do enjoy.


Google (we talked about a lot).