033 Sleep Deprived Opinions

Not quite sure how sleep deprivation affects my podcasting abilities but even though we are both pretty tired, Krista joins me for another podcast that spans the topics of why herpes ads are popping up on Facebook, the bullshit that resides in your friend list and news feed, minimum wage, and a few other bits that we found over the course of this week.  Fagan joins us a little way through the podcast to further our knowledge on income inequality and net neutrality.

032 The Giant Cast (Almost)

This was a fun walk down memory lane.  A long time buddy of mine, Giant Brian, was on the show tonight and it was a really good time.  I worked as a producer on his show in Atlanta years back and we got together to reminisce about those times.  We are hoping to make it a full “Giant Cast” by getting the other partner in crime, Shaffee from the original Giant Show, and having a full on reunion.  This show contains lots of behind the scenes radio talk and is a nice peek into the craziness that was The Giant Show.

031 Laughs and Heckles

New Buddy to the show, Jarrod Miller, joins me and Tyler for a fun discussion about stand up comedy, strippers in nursing homes, and getting celebrities to ask girls to prom for you.  Jarrod manages Jerzees Sports Bar in Athens, GA and has started a comedy night every other Tuesday to add to an already growing comedy scene in town.  Check out the links below to find out more.  This episode was a great time and provided many laughs.


Jerzees Sports Bar Facebook Page

The Principled Uncertainty Podcast (Tyler’s Show!)

HorrorBull Podcast (Tyler’s other show!)

Family Sues Nursing Home For Hiring Strippers

Bryan Cranston/Walter White Helps an Over-excited Boy Ask a Girl To Prom

For those fans interested in original and one of a kind artwork from Lopez Radio regular, Lord Fagan, click here to check out his fiverr mentioned at the top of the show

030 The Cleveland Steamers

It’s a Lopez and Sheets episode of Lopez Radio.  It’s an episode that goes a few places I never thought we would but it was fun.  We talk a little sports, a little goings on on our perspective sides of the country, we discuss Wrestlemania a little along with the passing of a childhood favorite in the Ultimate Warrior, and somehow we end up talking about scrambled porn and how we were very bad at being adolescent males.  It gets detailed, graphic, and funny.  Hang to the end!

028 Mail-Ordered Happiness

Another episode of Lopez Radio is off the ground with Nick from the You Can Relate Podcast and the power couple that is Joe and Bridget.  We get an update from Nick about his online dating “escapades,” talk comic book movies and sequels we’d like to see (or not), and some folks geek out on Power Rangers.


The You Can Relate Podcast

Tinder Tutorial Guy (Bam! Anuddah match!)

“Mail-Order” Pageant in Thailand (that are actually lady-boys that would fool the keenest of eyes)

Six Ways Texting is Ruining Dating

Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

Michael Bay this Samsung Press conference (and life)

Fan made Power Rangers show/movie actually has some quality to it (MMPR)

Expendables 3 will be….. Yeah…


026 The Girls Help Nick

So my friend Nick, of the You Can Relate Podcast, expressed his frustration with the online dating scene on an older episode of Lopez Radio and I vowed to get him help.  Well, help came in the form of three Sunday Funday drinkers named Krista, Mallory, and Bridget.  Join me as I attempt to moderate this room filled with well intentioned advice from ladies that are trying to help Nick become more successful in the dating world.  Will it work?  Time will tell.

025 First Congressional Revenge Porn Convention

Ah, what a show.  We start with Lopez and Fagan discussing True Detective, Missing planes, George Zimmerman, Teachers that show their sex tapes to students, among many other items of discussion.  We end by adding Krista to the mix to heatedly discuss GA Senate calling for a Constitutional Convention, Federal Revenge Porn Legislation (yes, a real thing), and presidential election front runners (yes, already).