046 Bringing A Keyboard To A Sword Fight

After battling many fronts on the internet, Krista joins me to discuss the latest ruling by the Supreme Court to give  Hobby Lobby (and who knows how many other companies) the freedom of religion when it comes to contraception requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  We discuss the finer points of this decision and the possible future ramifications it may bring, the state of internet/facebook debating, and much more.


Snopes article describing the debunked origins of the Hobby Lobby case.

Plain English breakdown of the Hobby Lobby case.

Religious leaders already trying to assert their influence on executive orders involving LGBT non-discrimination (via Lord Fagan)

P.L.U.R. **Spoilers: Game of Thrones (Part 1)

It’s a combination of forces as Lopez Radio comes together with The Principled Uncertainty Podcast to **SPOIL** Game of Thrones (The Books and the TV Show). We called it Principled Lopez Uncertainty Radio!  Will joins me and Tyler for a deep discussion on how the show is doing, how the books are coming along, and some of our theories as to what is going to happen next in the books and the show.  It’s a lot of fun but if you don’t want the story **SPOILED ** for you, then you may want to steer clear.  You can find PART 2 on Tyler’s Principled Uncertainty Podcast page that I’ve linked below.  Do enjoy!

GO HERE FOR PART 2! Should be Up later today!

043 Don’t Be A Gretchen

In which our hero is rejoined by Zach and Krista and they discuss the finer points of…everything.  Iraq, small town racial mentality, Athens before it was a giant outdoor club, the Gretchen definition, and much more.  This was a fun one, kids.  Buckle up.


Brony Documentary Trailer

DO NOT CLICK THIS (unless you’ve listened): Clop Clop you have been warned

Never. EVER. Google Image the term “Blue Waffle”

041 Game Time With Lopez, Sheets, Fagan, and Joe

It’s that other time of year, everyone! Online game sales and E3 Video Game announcement and all other kids of “nerdery.”  Sheets, Fagan, and my brother Joe join me for a special gaming podcast similar to our holiday gaming podcast but only warmer.  We have a lot of fun and talk games and what we’re looking forward to.  If you’re not a gamer, I hope you still enjoy the episode.  If you are a gamer, you better enjoy this shit! Links below.


Oniken (A very NES styled Indie game that is well worth its cost)

Evil Within Gameplay video (as good as any scary movie)

Steam! Get in on the upcoming sale! (Rumored to start the 19th of June)

Nidhogg (Another great looking indie game)

Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball.  (An interesting looking suggestion from Sheets)

isthereanydeal.com (a very valuable resource as you shop this upcoming summer sale)

Steam Enhancement Suite (gives your steam shopping a little more teeth)

040 World Cup Olé (Part 1)

The World Cup is upon us!  Although we are morally torn by the way FIFA economically ravages the countries that it enters and by the way Brazil is putting its people on the back burner for a temporary event, we are excited for the soccer portion of the event.  Join me and Sheets as we talk World Cup and Soccer as we prepare to do a weekly series during the Cup!  I’m a novice of the game so it makes it all the more interesting!  If you’re not a soccer fan, no worries.  Regular episodes of Lopez Radio will still be occurring this month as well!


John Oliver’s Brilliant World Cup Rant

Soccer Rules As Explained By The Minnesota United FC

Our Yahoo! Soccer Pick em’ Group (password: westink). Join Us!

Sheets’ Twitter (@blsheets)

My Twitter (@lopezadio)

Twitter’s World Cup Coverage Site!

039 Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife

In which Lopez is joined by long time friend and high school classmate, Zach.  A Marine Veteran and deep thinker, Zach made this a really fun and thoughtful episode.  We took a gander back at our high school days and old stomping grounds, talked about the Bowe Bergdhal controversy that has eclipsed the V.A. mistreatment story within a week, and how the Slender Man killings have shown the world that young males aren’t the only thing to fear when it comes to youthful violence.  Those are just a few of the topics.  I hope you guys enjoy episode 38!  See you next week.

038 The Original Giant Three

It’s a full on Giant Show version of Lopez Radio!  Giant Brian returns and Shaffee joins us for the first time on the podcast.  Collectively, the original Giant Show line up is reunited for the first time in 5 or 6 (?) years, maybe longer.  This was a fun episode filled with a lot of stories and reminiscing.  We fight through some technical difficulties but it all seems to be right for this bunch.  Treat this as more of a candid conversation than a normal podcast episode.