246 Tortoise Meet Hare

Author and podcast host Tyler Braddy (@blakebraddy) joins the show to talk about his latest feelings on the current goings on in American politics.  It’s an episode that ended up being more about politics than we originally intended but it was still a lot of fun.  Tyler is a wonderful and passionate guest so please enjoy.  Be sure to keep an eye on the @lopezradio Twitter and Facebook accounts for live updates and mini-podcasts while Lopez and Krista are out exploring the great state of California!  We’ll see you all very soon.

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245 Incoherent Introspection

So this is almost a weird one-off episode of Lopez Radio in which Banshee (@banshee_radio) joins the show to basically reap the rewards of seeing Lopez go under the influence of edibles and talk about life.  Some of the thought patterns are coherent, most of them are all over the place.  It was a lot of fun but not sure how listenable it will be for the #DozenListenerArmy.  Enjoy it (if you can)!

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243 All About ‘Hurritage’

Lopez and Krista get together to talk about #ChubbyRunner, white supremacy (allegedly) in the neighborhood, our trip to NHRA Drag Racing, our newest Georgia brewery Oconee Brewing Co.,  and much more.  Give us a listen or don’t and hurt our feelings forever and ever.  It’s up to you really.

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242 Returning to a Dusty Microphone

Lopez Radio returns, finally!  Krista joins the show to talk about the latest travels to Florida, #ChubbyRunner does a 10K, the gang goes to Universal Studios, our defense of Paige VanZant and her self-made Reebok commercial, telling people they died in the real and dream world, and more.

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241 Coffee, Waffles, and Lysteria

Solo podcast in which Lopez apologizes for a 2 week absence, talks about what he’s been up to lately, what he’s brewing, UFC 210, plugs his friend’s podcasts, and briefly touches on the news.  You can follow him @lopezradio on all social media.

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240 Making Plans While Others Listen

It’s a Lopez and Sheets episode of Lopez Radio in which we get politically uncomfortable, talk about Atlanta United and the start of the MLS season, return to discomfort, running, planning our events for the Star Wars 10k, Wrestlemania, WWE events in our past, and ultimately falling apart at the seams due to drunkenness. You can follow the show @lopezradio and Sheets @blsheets on most social media.  Rate, review, and subscribe because you love us.

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239 The Green Morning Drive

In an effort to make peace with his fan(s), Lopez records a road podcast on the way to work for St. Patrick’s Day.  Talking wearing green, how drinking at home on St Paddy’s is the pro move, The Belko Experiment, and more.  It’s short and sweet, so you don’t have to withstand his voice too long.  Stay safe, drink safe.

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237 Making Faces In The Mirror

Banshee from Banshee Radio (@Banshee_Radio on Twitter) joins Lopez to talk about spending February off the smoke, various states of intoxication, podcasting, UFC 209, GSP’s return to the octagon, music, YouTube Channels, and more. Be sure to check out Banshee Radio, released every Friday for music and stories with the Banshee himself.

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