336 Great Expectations w/ Ape_Fist

Ape_Fist/Bryan is a streamer, family man, and full-time worker that  I had the honor of finally recording a podcast with.  We talked a lot about what got us into streaming, managing expectations when you’re doing something like creating content for the internet,  creative self-perception, approaches to streaming, and more.  You can follow Bryan @ApeF1st on Twitter and check out his streams on twitch.tv/ape_fist.

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335 Ugly Delicious

Krista returns to the show for the first time in 2019 and the Netflix show Ugly Delicious inspired us to discuss the foods that we know and love so much from childhood to now.  It’s a short but fun trip down our personal culinary memory lane.  Be sure to follow the show @lopezradio and the lady @parasolstdios.

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334 L&S BS Sesh 01: A Simulation Well Lived

Lopez and Sheets have the first of what is hopefully many “BS” sessions for 2019. Discussing always being tired, lucid and vivd dreams, a multi-verse of infinite possibilities, Jim Carrey, and much more.  We also start our random 500 reviews from the 2012 Rolling Stone Top 500 all-time album list.  The randomly generated album for the next BS Sesh will be Peter Gabriel’s “So.”  If you want to listen along and drop some comments about this album for the next time we record, be sure to use our hashtag #LS500 and tag/follow us @BLSheets and @lopezradio.  Have a nice simulation, folks!

332 Holiday Funk Stuff

Lopez and Sheets are back together and on the L&S Yacht for a rare in person episode of the show.  We wandered around several topics including bad calls in 80’s cinema, being presentable upon death,  how music has lost its genre and our theories on how, thinning hair,  MLS talk, Atlanta winning the MLS cup, and more. You can follow Sheets @blsheets on social media and you can follow the show @lopezradio on social media.