058 Our Own Back Yard

Krista joins the podcast to talk about her take on visiting Austin, TX, we get into seeing comedians Bert Kreischer and Kyle Kinane, why the KKK would go to Ferguson, and much more.


Bert Kreischer’s Twitter                                                        Parasol Studios Facebook

The Machine Story by Bert                                                 Michael Broussard’s Twitter

Kyle Kinane’s Twitter                                                             Mia Jackson’s Twitter

056 Future Endeavored: Dino Bravo Was Not A Horseman

Sheets joins Lopez Radio (IN PERSON!!) along with Kendall to talk a little bit of our childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood that was consumed by the ancient art of Television Professional Wrestling.  We dig deep and go nerdy on the subject and even discuss our observations upon viewing the very first episode of Monday Night Raw together.  I hope you enjoy it.


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055 Guillermo Del PoopBird’s “The Strand”

Super talented artist, based in Athens, GA, Mike Groves joins episode 55 (that’s a double-nickel) of Lopez Radio.  He gives a first hand account of Comic Con, talks Guardians of the Galaxy with me, and much more.  This guy is super talented and you should check out his website poopbird.com (linked below along with his other social media outlets)!



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054 I Want The Internet To Go Away

Fellow broadcaster and podcaster, Shaffee, joins Lopez Radio for  an awesome episode.  We talk a lot about how the world has changed pre-internet and post-internet with wrestlers, rock stars, and people in general.  Always fun having Shaffee on the show and be sure to support The Shaffee Show on an internet near you on theshaffeeshow.com!


The Shaffee Show Official Website

Death Rapper “Necro” Facebook Page

053 Freedom Ain’t Always Free

Jarrod Miller rejoins Lopez Radio to talk about societal sociology, people lighting themselves on fire, stand up comedy, freedom of speech and much more.  This episode was a lot of fun and be sure join Jarrod at Jerzees Sports Bar in Athens, GA, not only for all your drinking needs, but also for open mic comedy nights every other Tuesday.  The next open mic is slated for August 12th, 2014 as of the posting of this podcast.  Come hang with us and enjoy this episode


Jerzees Sports Bar Facebook

Guy sets himself on fire in a bath tub (this is becoming an online trend for some reason)

Stephen A. Smith puts his foot in his mouth (kind of).  See if you think the headline is accurate with his words.

High School Basketball player dunk from the free throw line

Ohio State Band Director loses his mind on his drum major

052 Guardians of the Internet

Fagan and Krista join Lopez Radio to discuss the results of this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  What was revealed? Was it awesome?  Is SDCC a madhouse that is hard to deal with?  All of the above?  We attempt to answer these questions with as little ignorance as possible!


Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Trailer

Mad Max Trailer

Game of Thrones Blooper Reel

Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer

DeadPool Test Footage Confirmed by Blur Studios

051 On The Road Again

Another episode of Lopez Radio on the road.  Krista recorded with me as we drove back from the hit or miss type of beautiful panhandle of Florida.  We try to dissect why people like to pile into these overcrowded, over-industrialized towns on the water as well as dig into our own little universe.  The sound quality is different than normal but, hey, we were recording on an iPhone voice memo app.  Quit your bitching and give us your time.  Much love to the audience and their support!


Artist: Justin Gaffrey of Seaside, FL.  What a badass!

Florida Man: Triple Amputee Leads Police on a High Speed Chase!

Book one of “The Expanse” series that I have been reading: Leviathan Wakes!

050 Brown Bringing Us Down

Lopez Radio has finally slipped into its Golden Episodes!  Fagan, Zach, and new guest Kevin join me to celebrate the big five-oh episode.  Join us as we journey into a late night conversation with some talk about racism, family, generational philosophy, and much more.  I’m really excited to be doing this show and I’m thankful for all the support my internet folks have given me as well as all my guests.  I couldn’t ask for better and I’m excited to keep moving forward!


Israeli Defense Force Facebook via Zach

Kickstarter for Breaking Bad sequel with Slash and Val Kilmer???

Kevin’s Band: Candid Coal People Facebook Page