064 The Giant Show Commentates Cross Country

Giant Brian and Shaffee return to Lopez Radio for another really good episode of the show.  I really enjoy having such funny guys around.  We talk some more radio history, catch up with what the boys have been up to lately, Brian shares a very funny religion and baseball theory, Ray Rice, and the threat of terrorism.  Almost impossible to condense an overview of the show. Just Enjoy it!

061 Next Year’s Gonna Be Different

Happy Labor Day!  It’s a Lopez and Sheets edition of Lopez Radio and we get into a lot.  We talk about parents that may have stumbled onto the podcast and actually listened, some of the goings on we had while he was visiting from across the country, the beginning of this college football season, “Celeb-gate,” The Simpsons Marathon, and so much more.  Thanks for the support and for listening!

060 The Sin City Challenge

It’s a full house on Lopez Radio for this episode.  Nick, Fagan, and Krista join in the fun as we talk about the Simpsons marathon, Sin City bombing at the box office, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and much more.  A chaotically fun episode!


The You Can Relate Podcast with Nick Schultz

Parasol Studios

The trailer for Kevin Smith’s “Tusk” movie

Frank Miller not looking so good at Comic Con

Vice piece on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Taco Squat Definition

058 Our Own Back Yard

Krista joins the podcast to talk about her take on visiting Austin, TX, we get into seeing comedians Bert Kreischer and Kyle Kinane, why the KKK would go to Ferguson, and much more.


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Kyle Kinane’s Twitter                                                             Mia Jackson’s Twitter

056 Future Endeavored: Dino Bravo Was Not A Horseman

Sheets joins Lopez Radio (IN PERSON!!) along with Kendall to talk a little bit of our childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood that was consumed by the ancient art of Television Professional Wrestling.  We dig deep and go nerdy on the subject and even discuss our observations upon viewing the very first episode of Monday Night Raw together.  I hope you enjoy it.


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055 Guillermo Del PoopBird’s “The Strand”

Super talented artist, based in Athens, GA, Mike Groves joins episode 55 (that’s a double-nickel) of Lopez Radio.  He gives a first hand account of Comic Con, talks Guardians of the Galaxy with me, and much more.  This guy is super talented and you should check out his website poopbird.com (linked below along with his other social media outlets)!



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