343 Ron Tonkin Presents: Lopez and Sheets

Lopez and Sheets return to discuss our vacations, Alaska, Disney Cruises, Oregon, Marvel movies, as well as our review of Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly for the #LS500. Be sure to follow the show @lopezradio as well as Sheets @blsheets on all social media. Strategy Guide below.

Ep. 343 Strategy Guide:

342 Leadership and Egos

Zach White and Banshee return to the podcast, TOGETHER. It’s a mega cast of almost four hours and I hope that you enjoy every second of it. I know I did. As far as what we talked about, I’m not even sure where to start. We talk a lot about their time in the military, what it’s like to be around civilians after active duty, politics, drugs, and so much more. Happy 4th of July. Follow the show @lopezradio on all social media.

341 Adjust The Game

McDonald’s fueled a quick update from the world of Lopez Radio.  Talking about what’s been going on with me creatively as well as why we can’t seem to talk to each other politically as a people.  I also get nostalgic about McDonald’s and I don’t really care.  (SMILEY).  Don’t forget that we are brought to you by MeUndies and you can get 15% off at meundies.com/lopezraedio!  Follow the show on all social media @lopezradio.

336 Great Expectations w/ Ape_Fist

Ape_Fist/Bryan is a streamer, family man, and full-time worker that  I had the honor of finally recording a podcast with.  We talked a lot about what got us into streaming, managing expectations when you’re doing something like creating content for the internet,  creative self-perception, approaches to streaming, and more.  You can follow Bryan @ApeF1st on Twitter and check out his streams on twitch.tv/ape_fist.

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