332 Holiday Funk Stuff

Lopez and Sheets are back together and on the L&S Yacht for a rare in person episode of the show.  We wandered around several topics including bad calls in 80’s cinema, being presentable upon death,  how music has lost its genre and our theories on how, thinning hair,  MLS talk, Atlanta winning the MLS cup, and more. You can follow Sheets @blsheets on social media and you can follow the show @lopezradio on social media.

325 This Day of Labor

Happy Labor Day to all that actually celebrate such a thing.  It’s another Lopez and Sheets episode where our heroes discuss what they’ve been up to lately as well as pro wrestling, High School reunions, home renovations, building computers, how Murphy’s Law affected Sheets recently, and much more.  Be sure to follow Sheets @blsheets on social media as well as the show @lopezradio.  Don’t forget, Lopez Radio now has merch as well.  Just click on “LR Merchandise” at the top of lopezradio.com!