Support Pine Straw in 2016!

12814749_1145932212114434_6989294510646144472_nSo in my own head I’m laughing at this idea but here’s the first promotional item for the podcast:
ARE YOU DISGUSTED BY YOUR CHOICES FOR THIS ELECTION?!?! Us too! That’s why our vote is literally going to vote for Pine Straw in 2016 as our choice for president! If you are interested in showing your support, enter your shipping address and click the donate button below.  Your donation of $5.00 will get you your very own Pinestraw 2016 support sticker (Pictured below).  Shipping is FREE! (Shipping begins March 19)


Perfect for:

  • Relatives who may or may not be voting for Trump!
  • Your Nihilist friends!
  • Friends who may or may not be voting with an intention to be serious!
  • Your Neighbors!
  • Your co-workers (KILLER Water Cooler Talk!!!)!
  • Anyone who still thinks that our government is all about serious business!
  • That asshole who takes up four spots in the parking lot with his 1994 Mazda Miata (honk-honk)!
  • Stick Figure Family Accents!

Become a part of a campaign that already has strong grassroots support (see what we did there???) across this fine nation!

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