My Shows

LR logoLopez Radio (LR) is the flagship show for Lopez. It’s his favorite show to do out of the whole stable.  This is mainly because LR is just a hang. A conversation between buddies, new and old.  The topics on the show rarely have a specific direction and it just works for everyone involved. Guests that are new to the show quickly get comfortable and start talking like they’ve been around forever. Do we drink? Sometimes. Are we serious? Sometimes things go to dark places but that’s reality. We spend as much time laughing as we do getting serious.  If you are interested in being a guest on LR, email Lopez: and we’ll see if it’s something that might work.


1796722_503438803126933_1182922721701771628_oTen Minute First Round (10MFR) was a show that was Lopez’s chance to be an MMA Fan Boy and talk about MMA with either himself or with actual professionals in the world of MMA and MMA media.  Anyone can bullshit for 10 minutes about a subject so Lopez took that logic and applied it to his love of MMA.  Paying a small homage to the now gone Pride FC, 10MFR is a 10 minute round of MMA discussion about the current week’s hot topics in the sport. After the 10 minutes, the discussion is over and the show wraps.  10MFR has since been absorbed back into Lopez Radio and discontinued as a separate show.  It’s hard to keep up with MMA news, cards, results, etc. and THEN jam it into 10 minutes.  You’ll still find plenty of MMA talk and guests on Lopez Radio.



The Half Ass Morning Show (HAMS) is the newest show to the Lopez Radio family.  It exists entirely on SoundCloud and is meant to be a short form morning show where Lopez, with or without a co-host, recaps what he’s been up to, relays the stories of the morning, and attempts to wake himself up with copious amounts of coffee. It may not happen everyday but it will happen as much as possible. HAMS has seen one episode and not much more.  Doesn’t mean it won’t still happen but right now, it’s on a siesta.