10509731_10100192856870712_5786020973336697431_nLopez is a man obsessed. Obsessed with radio. Obsessed with podcasting. Obsessed with putting ideas out into the ether of the internet. He also has an almost compulsive obsession for the audio of his podcast to be as clean and professional as possible, regardless of content. He grew up and is a resident of Athens, GA but has lived in several places in these United States. It doesn’t take much listening to the show to  figure out that he loves broadcasting and loves talking to people. He also tends to lay a lot out there. He spent several years in radio on the likes of WPUP Bulldog 103.7 in Athnes (his radio Alma Mater [RIP]), intern for Opie and Anthony on XM Radio in NYC (RIP), WKLS Project 9-6-1 in Atlanta (RIP), and WFYV Rock 104.5 in Jacksonville (RIP). Wow. Upon this writing, it appears that everything that he has touched is now dead in the radio world. Surely he had nothing to do with that (yikes…). He was also briefly a part of WPLP-LP Bulldog 93.3 in Athens which is still alive, so there’s that!(?) Not one of his prouder, whoreish, moments but it was radio, baby.