Episode 003 Fagan

The Government is shut down (day 8) and the sky has yet to fall.  Me and the Man discuss Breaking Bad, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Government, and NY Biker Boyz playing a real life game of Grand Theft Auto.  Hit lopezradio.com for links from the show.


Links, “y’all:”

  • Fagan discussed Anna Gun’s editorial about her character Skyler White in the series Breaking Bad and it’s worth a read.  Click
  • DMZ is a Comic about current time United States if it were dealing with another civil war. Click
  • Godzilla is returning to the big screen.  Let’s hope it is free of love stories and P. Diddy songs.  (Warner Bros.  keeps removing the video.  Sorry!)
  • But at least you can see the Teaser for Avengers: Age of  Ultron.  Click
  • Escape From Tomorrow is an interesting independent film that was actually shot under the nose of Disney right in their own theme park.  Looks a little intense.  Click
  • Out of the Furnace has a great cast.  Let’s hope it’s not just Hollywood “trailer voodoo.”  Click
  • Bikers in NY get bold with an SUV driver?  Who do you think was in the wrong?  Click