Episode 002 Tyler

This episode was inspired partially by Louis C.K.’s appearance on Conan where he discussed Smart Phones and the inability to deal with sadness in life.  My guest host is Tyler who also hosts the Horror Bull Podcast (@horrorbullpcast) and the Principled Uncertainty podcast (@pupodcast).  This episode goes to a deep dark place but sometimes that’s necessary.

Podcast links for Episode 2:

  • Horror Bull Website:  One of Tyler’s podcasts, with co-hosts Drew and Bryan, that is a must listen for fans of the horror genre. Subscribe on iTunes or download directly from the site.
  • Principled Uncertainty Podcast:  Tyler, along with MJ and Bernstein, discuss current events, politics, video games, and pretty much whatever they want.
  • Louis C.K. on Conan:  Pretty much the inspiration for this episode and a reminder of how lucky we are to be living in a time where this man is in his prime.

What to Watch: