LopezRadio Episode 001 Fagan

LopezRadio returns to your ears (hopefully) with myself, Lopez, and the great Lord Fagan.  We have a good long conversation and hit on some great topics.  Here are your links for Episode 1:

  • Fagan discussed the underground push for a sequel to 2012’s Dredd and you can get on board with the movement by signing this petition.
  • We all love some graphic novels and new comics, right?  Check out ‘Saga’ on the recommendation of Mr, Fagan.
  • Check out some shots of the cool packaging that the entire Breaking Bad series will be sold you you in by clicking here.
  • This trailer for HBO’s new show ‘True Detective’ will make your crotch tingle.
  • And finally… Bronies are real.  I repeat, Bronies are real!  Take a look into the weird and disturbing world that is grown men that are obsessed with My Little Pony.