Lynch and Reznor reunite!


We love a good David Lynch movie, correct?  We’ve also binge viewed Twin Peaks on netflix, yes?  If you haven’t you should.  And there’s ultimately no denying your love for Trent Reznor no matter how many times he threatens to leave you forever.  He’ll be back.  He always is.  So there’s no point in even trying to resist the urge to watch the new Nine Inch Nails video for “Came Back Haunted.”  The song, I’m a huge fan of.  Now that there is an accompanying video AND it is directed by the great David Lynch, I’m reconsidering buying those tickets to see NIN when they hit Atlanta this Summer.  These guy collaborated on the movie Lost Highway, of which I was one of the few to see in the theaters at an age that was probably way too young, haha.  I do believe (and this is with zero research done) that the soundtrack may have out sold the movie revenue.  Either way, I was a Manson head at the time and wanted to see my favorite lead singer in a movie (for a whopping few seconds).  Either way, here’s the video and you can just ignore that warning at the beginning.  Even if you do have epilepsy, come on, IT’S LYNCH AND REZNOR.  POWER THROUGH. (via uproxx)