358 Season of Caution

Lord Fagan returns to Lopez Radio to tear the universe apart and talk about it. More specifically we get into a lot of TV and movie talk including Mandolorian (no spoilers), Marvel, Disney, and David Fincher. We also get into different critical mentalities behind bingeing vs. watching a show week to week, the importance of being careful during a pandemic holiday, life changes for Lopez, and so much more.

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357 Fudge Society

Streamer and Musician Fudge joins the show to hang out and talk about life, music, content creation and more. It was a pleasure having him on and I look forward to it again.

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356 Southern Henna Tattoos

Shawn Arnold of the TMIPod returns to Lopez Radio for the first time in over two years to catch up on many things including things we’ve been watching, current events in the south, bullies and helicopter parenting, new gear, new dogs, and more.

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355 Cutting A Promo On Quaratine

A couple of my favorite Englishmen, Ian Bain and Brad Wharton, join the podcast to catch up and talk about what quarantine has been like for them, what they are projecting this Fall to be like, then moving into its effect on live sports and MMA. We get into some great MMA and Pro Wrestling discussion as well. There’s a lot to take in on this behemoth three hour episode, please enjoy.

Episode 355 Strategy Guide:
-Lex Luger Blooper Reel: https://youtu.be/BHTj7qfnTak
-Horrendous British Bulldog Promo: https://youtu.be/3eG0FOmsj18
-Mean Gene, Iron Sheik, and a Turkey: https://youtu.be/4JwrvGGqimw

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354 Gene Simmons Is Missing

Lopez and Sheets return to catch up on many items like the death of Regis Philbin, a lot of celebrity net worth, nostalgia tied to listening to the radio, Sheets’ escape from Portland, the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Album list, and much more. Enjoy two plus hours of our BS.

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353 Twitter’s Not Real Life

Dear friend and author T. Blake Braddy rejoins the podcast to discuss the books he’s been working on, creative burnout, his new Crime Podcast “Music City Murder,” as well as the current cancel culture, social media, and politics.

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352 Flacid Expectations

Jbrucifer is a podcaster and Twitch broadcaster that joins Lopez to talk about Beer, Cats, and Broadcasting. We get into some of the things we’ve learned by observing the Twitch platform over the years before diving into a really deep and nerdy discussion about audio equipment. Episode 352

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351 The Return To Normalcy(?)

Bryan AKA Ape_Fist, on Twitch, returns to the show to talk about what we’ve been up to in quarantine, re-introducing some aspects of life during the pandemic, and how the people closest to us are looking at it. We also have a lengthy discussion about how things have changed for us in the Twitch world, since our last conversation over a year ago. Finally, we round out with some discussion of what we’ve been watching.

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Music Provided by Spuntastic on BandCamp