261 “Hurlin’ Insults” With Tanner and Kay

Jeremy and Krista come back to talk to you about ridiculous white people names, Hurricane Irma, evangelical teenage exorcists, “Heroin(e)” documentary and addiction, as well as talking about our thoughts on the movie “It.”  You can follow the show @lopezradio and follow Krista @parasolstudios.

Episode 261 Strategy Guide:

260 Brawl In The Schoolyard

Krista Rejoins Lopez Radio to talk about earliest childhood memories, fighting on the playground, avoiding people you haven’t seen in a long time, honor in contests, and wrap the show up with some Game of Thrones spoilers and theories talk.  You can follow Krista @parasolstudios and follow the show @lopezradio.

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259 Alien Savior Mind Control

Joining Lopez from the UK is Ian Bain (@MMAOpinIAN) to talk about con-men, navigating pop culture that you’re not into, evidence that Jesus may have been an alien, how total power corrupts all men, Jon Jones, MayMac, and so much more.  This was a fun two hours that passed by in no time and I hope that you , the audience, enjoy it as well!

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258 Yacht Jocks

Come sail with Lopez and Sheets on Lopez Radio. The guys broadcast from their totally real yacht to talk about fake commercials, yacht rock, the Lopez and Sheets Bowl 2017, and probably get more political than they ever have.  Some of this may have been fueled by Kraken Rum, admittedly but it was a great time.  You can follow the show @lopezradio on all social media and you can follow Sheets @blsheets on social media.  Enjoy yourself and yacht safely.

256 Early Motivation w/ @NickBaldwinMMA

Nick Baldwin (@NickBaldwinMMA) is a staff writer for Bloody Elbow, is a host of The MMA Circus Podcast, and is the youngest person to ever be on Lopez Radio.  At only 17 years of age, this guy is sharp, insightful, and poised to go after his passion for MMA coverage.  I sit down with Nick to learn about what got him into journalism at such an early age, his philosophies on coverage and working hard to go after your dreams early on, the current state of MMA coverage, as well as some recapping of UFC 214.  This was a great conversation and I hope that you enjoy it.  Be sure to check out Nick’s work on Bloody Elbow and listen to The MMA Circus.

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255 Clean Hands and No Towels

It’s Lopez Radio with Slick Nick Schultz of the You Can Relate Podcast.  I was helping him out with his audio setup in his studios and we decided to do a double header podcast.  Nick and I discuss beer, why he has a bidet in his bathroom but not towels, Comic Conventions, cosplay, and so much more.  It was a fun time and I thank Nick for having me in the “You Can Relate” studios to record.  Be sure to check out episode 122 of the You Can Relate Podcast in which I was the guest!  Also, follow Nick @SlickSchultz on Twitter.

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254 Lord Fagan’s Quest

Fagan, the LR OG, returns to Lopez Radio to talk about the new Netflix Castlevania series (with little to no spoilers!) and how good of a stage it sets for expansion into one of the best video game series out there.  We also talk a lot about how the future of movie and TV is looking, Marvel Cinematic Universe, the rise of self produced media, creepy video masking, Spiderman, and more.

Episode 254 Strategy Guide:

253 Viva Lynch Vegas

For the first time ever, Lopez and James Lynch (@LynchOnSports) come face to face to hang out on the strip in Las Vegas for International Fight Week.  Over some fine craft beers, we discuss this year’s very different UFC International Fight Week, The Ultimate Fighter Finale, UFC 213, what James has in store for the future, and he takes a chance to ask me a few questions.  It was an honor and I can’t wait to do it again.  Be sure to follow everything James is up to @LynchOnSports on all social media as well as his YouTube channel (linked below).

Episode 253 Strategy Guide:

252 Happy Treason Day

Brad Wharton (@MMABrad48) joins Lopez on the 4th of July all the way from the UK to discuss bad holiday reasons to party, patriotic holiday traditions, his recovery from a health scare, his big trip to Egypt, the ability to do what your passions are, and a little video game talk.  Give Brad a follow on twitter @MMABrad48 and follow the show @lopezradio. Happy 4th of July and don’t blow your hands off with fireworks!

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